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If you are interested in Homewood-Flossmoor High School Foundation Grants, all applications for funding assistance must be received two (2) weeks prior to a scheduled meeting.



The following guidelines are to assist administrators and faculty of the School in applying for financial assistance and to aid the review and approval process of the Foundation’s Board of Directors (the “Board”).

  1. Financial assistance will generally be directed to those programs or activities that benefit the greatest number of students or provide a significant benefit to the community through the educational services of the District.

  2. Funds awarded to individuals or small groups will generally be limited to those situations that bestow special honor or distinction upon the school’s educational program and provide residual benefits for the student body or significant groups of students.

  3. The Board endeavors to leverage the Foundation’s limited resources by augmenting funding from other sources. Therefore, applicants for financial assistance should demonstrate the extent of their efforts to obtain funding from other sources, both public and private, or how a contribution by the Foundation can be used to generate other funds.

  4. Except in unique circumstances, the Board will not fund staff training and development, activities of School-related clubs that are not part of the extracurricular program, events that have already occurred, or projects that have been denied financial assistance by the District for reasons other than the availability of resources.

  5. The Board may impose reasonable conditions for the use of funds it provides. Such conditions may include a requirement for evidence of funding from other sources, deadlines for the use of Foundation funds, publicity of the Foundation’s support, a report on the success of the program or activity, etc.

  6. Requests for financial assistance shall be submitted on the Foundation’s form and supported by information that the applicant deems appropriate for a thorough consideration of the request. If the Board deems it necessary, the applicant may be asked to be present during the appropriate portion of the Board’s proceedings to answer any questions or provide additional insight into the request for assistance.

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